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Prolotherapy Testimonials

Sarah-Jane suffered from lower back pain

I have suffered from acute lower back pain for over 15 years. I had a partial discectomy in 2002, this did not relieve the pain. I saw numerous Chiropractors and Physiotherapists and followed a strict exercise regime, none of this helped.

By 2011, I struggled to bend over the sink and wash my face in the morning. I was then introduced to Dr Steven Stavrou by my Yoga instructor.

After 18 months of prolotherapy (and I was skeptical) I am pretty much pain free. It’s wonderful getting out of bed in the morning and being immediately mobile! The injections are painful, but bearable, and totally worth the result. I would recommend this treatment, it certainly worked for me.

Sandy suffered from Chronic pain

It has been an absolutely worthwhile investment in my health. I have been very happy with the results in that I have no more pain and it would seem that all of the affected areas have significantly increased strength and stability due to the on-going healing process that Prolotherapy stimulates.

Debbie suffered from ITB & bursitis

I increased my training in both running and cycling disciplines. I started experiencing extreme discomfort during my training as well as in sitting for periods of time. After 3 months of treatments with various professionals, with no diagnosis or relief, I approached Dr Stavrou.

Within minutes into my consultation, he diagnosed me with piriformis syndrome, trochanteric bursitis, and ITB. He declared that I would have immediate results following a single treatment of prolotherapy.

In his efficient, professional and forthright manner, my first treatment was underway. It was certainly not comfortable but I had immediate relief for two weeks. Thereafter, the pain returned as Dr Stavrou said it would, resulting in a series of monthly treatments, with diminishing pain with each progressive session.

Dr Stavrou advised me not to discontinue my training. As a sportsman himself, he understands the athletes compelling need to train, without detriment to the body.

8 treatments later, and I’ve never looked back. Prolo continues to have benefits up to 18 months post treatment! Talk about a good investment!! I now compete in Triathlons pain free, and am, in actual fact, stronger on my ‘damaged’ side than what I ever was before! My only regret – that I didn’t consult with Dr Stavrou sooner!!

Sean suffered from a knee injury

I’m 17 years old and I love to play sport. I’m in a very competitive school when it comes to sport, Pretoria Boys High School. I injured my knee playing rugby which brought all my physical activities to a halt. I was not able to straighten my knee and I was on crutches for 1 month, where I experienced severe pain and frustration not being able to do anything at all!

I went to a physiotherapist for just over a month, however the results stayed the same. I went to a knee specialist who suspected that I had torn my meniscus and damaged my ACL and fat pad under my kneecap and an operation would be my only option to get it back in order!

That’s when Dr Stavrou came to the rescue… He agreed with what the knee specialist had to say but said that with prolotherapy, hopefully I would be able to avoid the operation, to my delight! The first session I had was painful, but the pain subsided by the end of the day.

After going for prolotherapy for 4 months (4 sessions) I had reached a miraculous full recovery! My sport ever since then has been perfect and I experience no pain or problems in my knee.

Argentina Senda suffered from back and lower limb pain

In 2001, I was involved in a car accident that left my car a write off. I had injuries to my head, spine, hips and legs. At the time, I went to many different clinics as I had so much pain throughout my body. Specialists told me it could be 3yrs until I was able to run again. That’s when a friend told me I should see Dr. Stavrou.

Within 3 weeks of starting treatment with him, involving special prolotherapy injections, I was able to start running again. I was very impressed with my recovery under his care, and I felt strong and fit again. I’d like to thank him for all his help. Since seeing Dr Stavrou, by the grace of God, I have won 9 gold medals in National Track and Field (2012-2013). And in October 2013, I will be going to Brazil to represent SA in the world Champs.

Kirstin suffered from chronic back pain

I am 25 and have suffered from back pain for the last 12 years. My pain has gone through stages, some years were manageable and others I had to take weeks off because the pain was so agonizing I could hardly move. I had to stop doing the sports I loved because my lower back simply could not cope.

I saw orthopedic surgeons, had back braces made, took copious amounts of painkillers, went to physiotherapy constantly, saw biokineticists and chiropractors and a range of other doctors and surgeons. I was told that if my pain was not easing by the time I turned 17, that I would need to have a spinal fusion.

Fortunately, I didn’t have the fusion as my pain was manageable after stopping sport and taking better care of my back. At 22, I saw a neurosurgeon, who didn’t want to operate but did deduce from my MRI that I had 2 badly degenerative disks, a pinched nerve and a bulging disk among other minor issues like scoliosis. He put me on medications, all of which I took chronically. The medication definitely eased my back pain, but obviously, as with all medication, there were unpleasant side effects, one of which was extreme weight gain – which put more pressure on my back.

My physiotherapist recommended I see Dr Stavrou. He made an interesting and, in retrospect, a life changing diagnosis. He diagnosed me with joint hypermobility syndrome. I was surprised that no doctor had picked this up over the years.

Dr Stavrou recommended Prolotherapy. 16 months later – I have never been this pain free for such a long period of time. While I still have times when I experience some back pain, I am unquestionably 90% if not 95% better. The Prolotherapy is painful, but I would endure that pain every day of the week to have the reprieve I have experienced in the last 8 months. I can say with conviction that I would recommend Prolotherapy to anyone who is experiencing back pain as I have never experienced relief like this.

Acupuncture for Fertility Testimonials


I never thought that I would ever get into alternative therapy, but firmly believe that it has become part of my special journey.

After two failed IVF attempts, we were emotionally exhausted and I knew that I needed to give my body a break and to get my head in the right space. Dr. Stavrou was sensible about calming my intense desire to have a second child and, through acupuncture, he managed to put my head in the right space. Not only that, my body responded as well – it only took a short three months for me to fall pregnant, something I never thought might happen!

We are extremely grateful to Dr. Stavrou and his lovely team and would recommend him for any fertility issues.

Elodie and Kheira

Here is my daughter. She is the most beautiful thing in the world and I feel so blessed to have her. She was born on January 28, 2014 and like I told you, I know that acupuncture and particularly your treatment and your enthusiasm had a lot to do with her being born.

I would not have been able to go through IVF without your help. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.


My husband and I starting trying for a baby as soon as we were married. After we had been trying for almost a year and with no physical reasons for not falling pregnant, we decided to pursue fertility treatments.

We started where most couples do, with the least invasive routes, using Clomid to assist my body with ovulation. 3 cycles using the drug yielded no results, so we decided to make an appointment with a fantastic fertility clinic.

The next step in our fertility ladder was Artificial insemination. We tried a few cycles over 6 months and when we still had no positive result, our Dr recommended that we try IVF.

I had by this stage done a lot of research of course and was interested to see that quite a few studies had shown that acupuncture could increase the chances of an IVF pregnancy. I’ve never been one for alternative medicine as such but I thought that as acupuncture is an ancient practice with few if any risks, I decided that I had absolutely nothing to lose.

Further research revealed that Dr Stavrou, having built a solid reputation working with my fertility clinic, was one of the leaders in the Chinese Medicine field. I found Dr Stavrou to be highly attentive and methodical in his approach. I always felt that despite his young age, he was incredibly knowledgeable and experienced: I knew I was in very good hands.

I underwent 7 IVF procedures in total, with 4 resulting in pregnancies and 2 leading to live births. The failed pregnancies were of course devastating and very traumatic, but Dr Stavrou and his wonderful staff were always supportive and encouraging.

Today I have 4 beautiful, healthy children. Did the acupuncture have a direct impact on my conceiving? That is debatable, but more than just the treatment, I found in Dr Stavrou and his practice, a place where I could get advice, support with the treatments and a calm place to relax and focus on my body, through the process with which I was struggling.


After having been diagnosed with Polycystic ovaries many years ago, I knew that I might have a problem falling pregnant. But I truly had no idea how long and difficult the road would be!

The journey started in 2010 when I wanted to fall pregnant, but found out that I wasn’t ovulating. I was put on Glucophage and Inofolic, which was then followed a few months later by a laparoscopy and ovarian drilling. A follow up scan showed no sign of ovulation, so IVF was the recommended way forward.

At this time, a friend advised that I should also try acupuncture as they had heard that this could improve the chances of a successful IVF treatment. It took me a while to warm to the idea as I have quite a phobia of needles! But I started treatment with Dr Stavrou halfway through my first IVF treatment. The first round of IVF was incredibly disappointing. On embryo transfer day, I phoned the clinic to make sure everything was okay and was told that unfortunately none of my embryos had survived.

I decided to jump straight into a second round of IVF and felt that this time could be better as we were trying a different approach using a long protocol. Two embryos were transferred, but at two weeks the pregnancy test came back negative. Prior to and throughout the second round of IVF, I continued with acupuncture and was aware that the effects of this treatment can take about 6 months to manifest.

After the second failed IVF attempt, I decided to take a break from IVF and Dr Stavrou started me on a Chinese Medicine to supplement my acupuncture treatment. About 8 weeks after my negative pregnancy test, I started to have menstrual cycles – quite long at first but they grew shorter each month. I continued with the acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and about five months later, I fell pregnant!

Although it’s impossible to say exactly what triggered my ovaries to start working again, I strongly believe that the acupuncture and Chinese Medicine played a major role.

TMJ and Headaches Testimonial

Mandy Bittkau suffered from headaches

Thank you for being the kind of doctor who is genuinely interested in helping people and thank you for treating the cause and not the symptoms. From the first time I came to see you, you assured me that you would do what you can to make sure the headaches get better. You have, I am better and I feel better than I have in years. I had no idea that pain and cloudiness could create so many other issues. Now that the headaches are gone, I have ambition, energy and focus again.
Thank you for changing my life so much. I will definitely come back to you and recommend you!

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