Meet Our Doctors

Dr Steven Stavrou

Dr Steve Stavrou; Bsc. Physio (Wits) DTCM (AHPCSA)

Registered Acupuncturist and Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Registered Physiotherapist.

Dr Stavrou runs an integrative holistic medical practice combining both Chinese and Western Medicine modalities.

Dr Steve Stavrou qualified from Wits University with a BSc Physio in 1998.

He started working in a sports physio private practice in Northgate in ‘99 with a contract with the Pirates Rugby Club.

Dr Stavrou’s own private practice then expanded to include Chinese Herbs and acupuncture, and he completed numerous TCM training courses with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA) from 2001.

He initially registered as an acupuncturist with the AHPCSA in 2001, and as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine in 2007.

He is also a trained and accredited Dry Needler, trigger point injection therapist, and biopuncturist. Dr Stavrou was extremely privileged to study Trigger point Injection Therapy with neurologist Dr Robert Gerwin in Washington DC, in 2006.

In 2010 he completed the Hackett-Hemwell Prolotherapy Training Course in Madison, Wisconsin.

Prolotherapy, point injection therapy and biopuncture are extensively used in his daily practise, and he is currently mentored by Dr Ross Hauser(MD) from Caring Medical in Chicago

Post- Grad Lecturing Experience

Dr Stavrou started lecturing both Dry Needling and TMJ courses in 2001, and has lectured to over 10 000 medical professionals worldwide.

He has currently written many post-graduate teaching manuals and has featured in South African magazine articles.


Dr Stavrou is a member of the American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine (AAOM), and is one of the only Physicians in Africa certified in Prolotherapy by the AAOM

Business, Wellness, and Leadership Coaching

Dr Stavrou has since 2007 coached many of his executive patients as a Wellness Coach.He has been certified as a “Lemon Leadership Facilitator” and uses many of the principles in his leadership coaching.

He enjoys a fruitful wellness practice that incorporates and delivers holistic coaching. In 2018 Dr Stavrou received his certification in business coaching by Gibs Business School.

Helen Stavrou

Helen is a qualified and registered Occupational Therapist and Life Coach, having obtained her degree at the University of Pretoria in 1997.

Between 1997 to 2000, Helen pursued her passion for mental health and emotional wellness. She worked at various health institutions across Gauteng, providing group therapy and one-on-one counseling and trauma debriefing. She worked with chronic patients as well as acute patients, setting up Occupational Therapy (OT) departments and doing extensive staff training.

After a brief, but deeply fulfilling experience mentoring and coaching OT students at Wits University, Helen decided to integrate her experience of coaching and counseling with that of training, and joined a Corporate Training Organisation, The Pacific Institute.

Helen has worked as a freelance facilitator in change of management and leadership coaching for The Pacific Institute for over 12 years, as well as coaches in her private practice capacity.

She enjoys using an integrated approach to help her clients set goals, enhance their emotional intelligence, reach their full potential and find meaning and purpose in their lives. Helen’s unique combination of medical, emotional and cognitive experience makes her a compassionate and insightful Wellness Coach.

With a special interest in women’s health and wholeness, having overcome her own personal challenges, she aspires to treat her clients in a non judgmental and professional manner at all times.

She has been happily married to her husband, Dr Steven Stavrou for 13 years and enjoys the challenges and blessings of raising their 9 year old son. Her life is based on faith, hope and love.

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